Farmers & Vendors

Brenda’s Cakes

Brenda Baity

Culbertson Farms

Roman Culbertons

D&D Bakery

Darlene Miller

Honey Bee’s Garden

Chao Bod Yang

Howard Family Farm

Brian Howard

Knox Blueberry Farm

John Knox

LaFresca Foods

Dino Quarantiello

Lynn St. Clair Orchards

Lynn & Dixie St. Clair

Martin Farm

Carol Whitley

Melissa’s Natural Pet Treats

Melissa Manning

Mr. & Mrs. Bloomingarden

James Garreau

Mills Garden Herb Farm

Madge Eggena

Native Plant Society

Jane Srail

Roming Bee

Doug Shaw

Sweet Girls’ Crafts

Kimberly Souther

The Rogue Hen Farm

William Nooney

Terry’s Honey

Terry Bell



We love having musicians play during the market.

If you would like to perform, solo or a group, please contact Madge Eggena at (704) 929-0347.